My name is Philip L Decker and I am a seminarian in preparation for the Catholic diocesan priesthood.  I have just completed my first year of seminary and will continue in the Fall for my First Theology year.  At the moment, I am assigned to a parish for the summer, where I serve at the Sunday Masses, visit the sick, teach a Bible study class, and fulfill various other pastoral-related services throughout the parish.  (And it’s a blast!  There’s nothing like stepping out of the first year of seminary and full-force into ministry!)

If you would like some more information about me, then head over to the About Me page.  But, to be honest, I’m not really the focus of this blog.  However, prayer is.

Personally, I have always struggled to maintain my prayer.  But as someone preparing to one day lead others into a deeper and more prayerful life, I should probably be on my way toward ensuring my life is deep and prayerful.  That is the focus of this blog.

As I go through my journey to develop a deeper and more prayerful life, I will be sharing my experiences here.  I will be going along on this journey using a plan I came up with called Plan 40/40.

I came up with Plan 40/40 while pondering this question of how I could commit myself to a more consistent prayer routine.  The idea is, in essence, to create a plan of prayer which will cover forty days and forty nights.  What happens after those forty days and forty nights is that I remain steadfast to that prayer routine I have created.  However, if it didn’t go so well, its back to the drawing board to plan another 40/40 with a different prayer practice and try that out.

But, Plan 40/40 is much more than that.  It is also a form of education.  There are many prayer practices and devotionals in the Catholic tradition and so many of them are lost to so many of us.  By that, I mean that I am fully unaware of many of these devotionals and how they are to lead me into a deeper conversion toward Christ and living out his Gospel.

So, really, the idea behind Plan 40/40 is to design a plan in which, over the course of forty days and forty nights, I will pray in a different form, devotional, or tradition each day.

For more information on Plan 40/40, head to the About Plan 40/40 page.

My personal 40/40 is a journey I hope you will join me for.  Praying in a different form, practice, or tradition each day over the course of the forty days and forty nights can present certain challenges, as you might imagine.  Keeping faithful to each tradition (particularly when you are not very well versed in each one), remaining steadfast in the goal (especially when you still have daily obligations to work, family, rest, etc.), and keeping your eyes on Christ, rather than pursuing the “next thing,” will each be challenging in their own ways.  Regardless, I am committing myself to this goal and trusting the Lord will carry me when I cannot.

Of course, some days will be better than others.  Some days I will feel inspired when I pray and some days I will feel great when I write, and some days I won’t feel either.  But, ultimately, I trust that regardless of what I “feel,” God will continue to move me along and keep me in his heart.

So, as I begin this journey and continue along it, I ask for your prayers and intercessions so that I may remain faithful each day to my goal and my God.

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